An Unwelcome Distraction is the fourth episode of the first season of Trial & Error and the fourth episode overall in the series. It has aired on March 21, 2017.


When the new suspect turns up in a coma, Josh becomes sidetracked trying to solve this crime, eventually becoming a suspect himself. Meanwhile, prosecutor Carol Anne Keane presents Margaret Henderson's autopsy report that reveals Larry's wife was struck by a blunt object, leading to a frantic search for the murder weapon.


  • Kevin Durand as Rutger Hiss
  • Patricia Belcher as Judge Horsedich
  • Julie Hagerty as Madame Rhonda
  • Ginger Gonzaga as Crystal
  • Angel Parker as Heidi Baker
  • Dave Allen as Taxidermist

  • Jeremy Denzlinger as Police Officer #1
  • Michael C. Alexander as Police Officer #2

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